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Schuler offers systems for the manufacturing of CNG cylinders from blanks.

The material is globally available and different cylinder types can be easily produced for diameters up to 406mm.

By selecting the right blank strength, the thickness of the bottom can also be optimally determined.

The method used by Schuler combines deep drawing with an ironing process in a die concept.

In this way, the cylinder achieves the required length with minimal weight.

At the same time, the ironing process has a positive effect on the quality of the cylinder wall.

As is usual in cold forging, the parts are annealed and phosphated between individual operations.

Common cylinder types with diameters of 229 to 406mm are manufactured on three presses with 19,000, 12,000 and 8,000kN (1,900, 1,200 and 800 tonf) force and slide strokes of up to 4,000mm.

Fully automated manufacturing processes and intelligent concepts for product changing reduce downtime to a minimum.

Since the first order in 2005, four complete systems for the manufacturing of CNG cylinders, including dies and automation equipment, have been supplied by Schuler’s Waghaeusel facility following successful die testing.

Schuler will be exhibiting at the Hanover Fair from 19-23 April, 2010.

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