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Schuler has installed two new press lines with Servodirect technology – blankloader, Crossbar Feeder automation and end-of-line area – at BMW’s facilities in Leipzig and Regensburg.

A further line will be installed at BMW Munich in mid-2011.

The first servo press line for BMW was officially launched on 9 September 2009 in Leipzig.

The line combines high press force, flexibility and output.

The new press line at BMW’s Leipzig facility is 98m long and comprises a blankloader, six servo presses and ergonomic part outfeed units.

The Crossbar Feeder supplied by Schuler transports parts from one press stage to the next.

The line boasts a total press force of 103MN (10,300tonf) – of which the lead-off press alone accounts for 25MN (2,500tonf).

In future, BMW will produce more than 40 different parts on the line for its BMW X1 and BMW 1 ranges.

Compact design enables installation in existing halls.

BMW can use dies measuring up to five metres in the press line.

Nevertheless, the line’s small footprint means it can be installed in the plant’s existing halls.

The combination of such large dies with a servo press-line boasting 17 strokes per minute is completely new.

For its size, the press line in Leipzig is therefore the fastest in the world.

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