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The Schuler Group has expanded its range of packaging solutions with a complete cupping-press system for manufacturers of beverage cans.

The company will present the new system at the Cannex fair in Las Vegas, US, on 27-29 April 2010.

Schuler’s expanded range is based on its DA 140 cupping press launched in 2008.

The company has now developed a complete production system tailored to this machine type, which includes decoilers, feed units, lubrication units and cupping diesets.

Optimised for high-output levels, the DA 140 cupping-press system features a press force of 1,400kN (140tonf) and can be operated at speeds of up to 300 strokes per minute.

In everyday practice, users generally operate at speeds of 250 strokes and thus reach outputs of around 3,000 cans per minute.

Despite the high speed, a dynamic mass counterbalance means that the Schuler press can be mounted on rocker elements directly on the press shop floor.

This enables fast integration into existing manufacturing environments without major construction work.

The slide of the new press type is mounted on maintenance-free roller bearings.

Precise slide guiding ensures high part quality, especially for thin-walled cans and complex manufacturing processes.

The maintenance-free direct-drive system with its fast hydraulic clutch/brake combination ensures that the press slide comes to a standstill within one crankshaft revolution.

In this way, the press drive avoids die disruption and reduces wear and tear on the die.

Reliable operation is also aided by the low-maintenance external hydraulic unit, which supplies the press with lubricants.

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