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By re-acquiring the rights to the Formmaster machines, Schuler has now expanded its product range in the field of horizontal forming.

The Formmaster can produce up to 180 parts per minute.

It is also capable of manufacturing small batch sizes – in the case of complex shapes needed by the automotive industry, for example.

‘In order to ensure high flexibility, yet at the same time economic production for the user, Schuler attached great importance to particularly short set-up times when designing the lines,’ said Joachim Roske, head of Schuler’s forging business unit in Goeppingen.

An easily accessible die area is achieved with the aid of various design details.

First, in the area of the actual forming process where wire is formed into the desired parts while passing through six to seven forming stations with press forces of 1,000kN – 6,300kN (100 to 630tonf).

All the forming stages are arranged one above the other.

‘This makes it particularly easy for the operator to access the die area,’ said Roske.

The punch, shear and female die blocks are mounted on a joint punching plate and can be swiftly exchanged with the aid of an auxiliary device; the tools to be exchanged can already be set outside the press.

High productivity is achieved by the Formmaster’s NC transfer system.

Its special design ensures that the line is quickly available again after a changeover to different batch sizes.

The parts are transported from one forming station to the next with the aid of individually controlled, electric servo drives and grippers.

Whenever production needs to be changed, the Formmaster ensures it is completed quickly via a menu control system.

‘No curve shafts have to be set or replaced for the transfer, for example; the servo drive is simply reprogrammed,’ said Roske.

The grippers responsible for transporting the parts can also be easily exchanged.

They are located on a removable block unit, which can also be preset outside the press.

Depending on the particular Formmaster model, the number of press stations, the maximum wire diameter, the press force, the slide stroke, the punch and female die diameters, plus output per minute can all vary.

‘We also provide our global, on-site Schuler Service after the line has been installed,’ said Roske.

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