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Servodirect technology can improve the mass manufacturing of sheet-metal parts.

It enhances the economic efficiency of modern press shops while significantly reducing energy consumption.

At BMW’s Regensburg facility, production was recently launched on a new press line with Servodirect technology, including blankloader, Crossbar Feeder automation and end-of-line area, all supplied by Schuler.

The line was officially unveiled in late October 2009 and is being used in particular to produce parts for the BMW Z4, a new addition to the Regensburg plant.

It is the second of three lines that Schuler will deliver to BMW before mid 2011.

In Leipzig, a new servo press line is already producing parts for the BMW X1 and the BMW 1 series.

Production will begin on a third line at the Munich facility in mid-2011.

It combines high press force, freely programmable forming processes, increased output and reduced energy consumption.

The solution for BMW’s Regensburg plant also includes a Schuler blanking press, equally equipped with Servodirect technology, which has been in multiple-shift operation since spring 2009.

Leipzig and Regensburg are the first BMW facilities to use the new Servodirect technology.

BMW can produce parts with dies measuring up to five metres on the servo press lines and reach maximum speeds of 17 strokes a minute.

Up to four parts can be produced with every stroke.

Depending on the particular part, energy consumption can be reduced by 10 per cent.

The lines are also equipped with Schuler automation solutions, such as the blankloader to feed blanks into the line, and Schuler Crossbar Feeders, which transport parts from one press station to the next.

The new press line at BMW’s Regensburg facility is 85m long and comprises five servo presses, a blankloader and an ergonomic part-outfeed unit.

The new Crossbar Feeder supplied by Schuler transports parts from one press station to the next.

The line boasts a total press force of 91MN (9,100tonf).

In as many as five working operations, the presses blank, bend and draw steel-sheets of up to 2.5mm thick into the desired shape.

The line will form pressed parts for the BMW Z4, which is now being produced at BMW’s Regensburg facility.

At the head of the forming process is a blankloader that feeds the individual blanks into the press.

Following the subsequent centring process, the part is then formed to its basic shape in the drawing cell – a servo press with a capacity of 25MN (2500tonf).

Further local blanking and forming operations are then performed by the four downstream presses to produce a calibrated and exactly formed complex part.

The solution for BMW Regensburg also includes a blanking press with coil feeding and finished-part stacking.

It can turn up to 400 tonnes of coil material per day into blanks, which are then processed by the servo press lines.

The cutting press is the first in the world to be equipped with Servodirect technology.

This reduces cutting shocks and results in much longer die service lives, especially when processing high- and higher-strength sheet metals.

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