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Schuler Systems supplies presses for a variety of applications other than cars, including mustard tubes, fire-extinguisher bodies, cooker ovens and radiator plates.

According to Juergen Tonn, chief executive officer, the company is steadily expanding its non-automotive business.

For example, Schuler is a systems partner for plant and machinery used in the packaging industry.

Tubes for glue, cans for drinks and spray paints and bodies for fire extinguishers are all produced on machines supplied by the Goeppingen-based press manufacturer.

Aluminium billets are the starting material for making thin-walled aluminium cylinders.

These are then processed into the end product.

Presses supplied by the Schuler Group are also used to manufacture capsule systems for coffee and other hot beverages or light-alloy containers for food and pet meals.

Schuler presses are also found in the stamping plants of many companies in the heating, air-conditioning and sanitary engineering sectors.

Heat exchanger plates, for example, as used in dairies and breweries, are manufactured with the aid of modern plant systems.

Radiator plates can be produced quickly and economically with the aid of knuckle-joint presses.

Many faucets, handles and designer parts also originate from Schuler presses.

Flat parts, such as electric motor laminations and industrial disks, require precise manufacturing.

High-speed blanking presses from the company are used to produce small blanked parts for electric motors, while notching lines manufacture laminations for electric motors, such as those used in wind and hydroelectric power generation.

Companies use the high-speed stamping cells of group subsidiary Grabener Pressensysteme in Netphen, Germany, to produce flat parts, such as clutch disks, gears and industrial disks.

The latter are found in hardware stores, where they are sold as washers for screws.

Products from Schuler presses can also be found in households.

The company supplies forming systems for the manufacturing of sinks, cutlery, baking trays, dishwashers and oven and cooktop parts.

Schuler also manufactures equipment for the production of coins.

Its presses are used to manufacture medical products, such as surgical instruments or artificial hip joints.

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