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Schuler will be demonstrating its presses featuring servo technology at the Euroblech fair in Hanover, Germany, on 26-30 October, 2010.

‘Our equipment with Servodirect technology enables users to achieve output increases of up to 40 per cent,’ said Joachim Beyer of Schuler.

‘The combination of freely programmable forming processes and increased output with reduced energy consumption is unique and can be realised in various sectors and with different press sizes,’ he added.

Visitors to the Euroblech 2010 will be informed about Schuler’s latest developments at seven different topic stations.

The company will be exhibiting innovations and services from the field of blanking and forming systems, large mechanical presses, hydraulic press systems, automation, high speed, tool and die, and service.

Schuler offers a range of blanking and forming lines with servo drives.

Visitors to the fair stand will be able to experience a live demonstration of a Schuler servo press in action.

A further topic is the new line of knuckle-joint presses with servo drives.

At Euroblech, Schuler will be advising users on which of its solutions is best suited to the respective production task and how the line can be integrated into the current manufacturing environment.

Schuler’s Swiss subsidiary Beutler Nova will also be presenting its high-speed blanking press for the production of high-precision parts.

Schuler’s Digital Simulator can optimise the entire forming process of a servo press line and its automation components right from the planning stage.

Visitors to the fair stand will be able to use the Digital Simulator themselves to discover the potential for optimising their own lines.

Schuler’s hydraulic press experts will be focusing on the presentation of equipment for small to mid-size companies.

It will be presenting its new Center of Excellence for Hydraulic Press Systems for the first time at the Euroblech 2010.

Schuler Automation will be demonstrating its Powerfeed roll feed system in coordination with a servo press exhibited on the fair stand.

Other topics include: blanking presses with Servodirect technology and laser technology in the field of hot stamping.

Schuler Cartec, Schuler’s die technology company, will be exhibiting a new process for the production of gear wheels.

A further topic will be the manufacturing of hot stamped parts in an automated production cell.

Schuler’s Service division will be informing users about topics such as energy efficiency and energy saving in the press shop.

A further major topic will be the retrofitting of new control systems for existing presses and equipment.

At a maintenance engineer conference held at the Hanover Fair’s Convention Center on 28 October 2010, Schuler will also be talking about this topic and other services it provides.

The Schuler Forum will be providing ideas for discussion on the company’s fair stand.

In a series of product-oriented focus presentations, visitors will be informed about the latest trends and topics.

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