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Schunk Intec has developed a range of five-axis work-holding solutions that aim to improve machining efficiency and further enhance the capabilities of customers’ machine tools.

The Schunk Unilock is a quick-change pallet system.

Using the Schunk Unilock, the operator sets up in parallel to the processing time, in other words, while the machine processes another workpiece.

This increases output, reduces costs and eliminates operator errors during the clamping procedure.

Within a few seconds during workpiece change, the workpiece pallets with the Schunk Unilock interface are fixed, positioned, and clamped precisely in the machine – and the pit stop is finished.

Application examples show that using the system can reduce set-up costs by up to 90 per cent.

With the Schunk Unilock, mounting and positioning are done via a short taper.

This is said to ensure a repeat accuracy of

The workpiece-clamping devices in five-axis machining should be compact and sturdy, ensure a safe hold and allow plenty of room for the workpiece and for unimpeded access to the working spindles.

The compact centric-clamping device Kontec KSK from Schunk is claimed to meet all the criteria.

It has a large clamping range and can be used as a rough-part-clamping device and precision tool holder with a centring accuracy of 0.02mm.

Its special geometry is ideally suited to five-axis machining.

The Kontec KSK is a completely encapsulated centric clamping device.

Even in harsh environments, Schunk said the device is fully functional and ensures reliable performance.

In addition, the metal housing saves personnel-intensive and expensive cleaning times.

With the modular changing jaw system, a variety of workpiece sizes and geometries can be safely clamped in the Kontec KSK.

Ideal for single-part and small-batch production the Kontec KSC accommodates conventional clamping, small clamping depths, moulded parts, plates or workpieces with saw cuts.

The Kontec KSC has a forward-looking construction that makes it possible to design high supporting jaws.

In this way, all sides of the workpiece can be ideally reached without danger, even with standard tools, at a clamping force that can be increased to as much as 35kN.

An all-rounder for the five-axis machining of round workpieces is the stationary manual Rota-S plus chuck from Schunk.

Thanks to its reversing top jaws, the user can rapidly switch from OD to ID clamping and therefore cover a wide clamping range with the same top jaws.

The quick-change jaw system shortens the time for a complete jaw change to one minute.

Functional components hardened and ground on all sides ensure the Rota-S plus has a high repeat accuracy of 0.02mm, so that turned, soft-jaw sets can be used over and over again.

Like the two Kontec clamping modules, the three-jaw chuck Rota-S plus can be combined with the quick-change Unilock pallet system.

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