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Schunk is offering a hydraulic expansion tool holder that is claimed to deliver high accuracy in micro-machining applications.

The new Tendozero is equipped with four lateral set-screws that directly adjust the tool shank.

The angular position of the tool is corrected and the run-out is precisely adjusted.

With this precision tool holder, even demanding applications with tight tolerances on the form, position and surface finish can be rapidly machined.

Tool costs are reduced by up to 50 per cent, according to the company.

In contrast to conventional products that work with compensation adapters or rings, the set-screws of the Tendozero are directly integrated into the precision mounting.

Interfering contours are optimised and the adjustment process is simplified, with an excellent run-out accuracy ensured, according to the company.

With a Torx-Plus key, the angular position of the clamped precision tool is corrected and the run-out is adjusted.

Compensation of the spindle run-out errors is conducted directly at the machine, so that machine, tool holder and tool are perfectly aligned.

When using high-quality tools with PCD or CBN cutting edges, the quality and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece increases and the tool is protected from damage.

The excellent vibration damping of the hydraulic expansion tool holder ensures an even cut, and micro blowouts on the cutting edge are noticeably minimised, thus increasing tool life.

Comparative measurements confirm that, with the Tendozero, tool service life is extended by up to 50 per cent, with machine spindle service also improved.

The coolant supply to the cutting edge is also said to be sophisticated.

As well as having conventional cooling from the outside, the Tendozero enables an internal coolant supply.

In a slightly modified version, the Tendozero also permits minimum quantity lubrication (MQL).

Schunk claims that, with all these features, the Zero-Micron-Toolholder paves the way for modern, efficient reamers and drills that are utilised in accurate machining applications.

The clamping diameter can be reduced down to 3mm by using intermediate sleeves.

The run-out accuracy of 0.000mm is also adjustable.

As with all Schunk hydraulic expansion tool holders, an Allen key is all that is needed for a quick tool change.

The clamping screw is turned to the stop and the tool shank is surface clamped.

After every tool change, the run-out accuracy is readjusted to 0.000mm again.

The precision mounting of the Tendozero is available for the HSK-A63 and 100, the SK40 and 50, the BT40 and 50 and the Capto C4, C5 and C6 interfaces.

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