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Schunk has launched a range of long, slim toolholder extensions to make it easier for operators to machine hard-to-reach points on the workpiece.

Regardless of design sophistication, it is sometimes impossible to avoid creating forms on hard-to-reach points on workpieces.

The interference contours of proven toolholders quickly become the key criteria in such instances.

When space is limited, the point in question may be difficult to access without damaging the workpiece.

In tool grinding, grinding wheels and bulky toolholders quickly find themselves on a collision course.

All of these cases require slim toolholder systems with minimised interference contours.

The slimmer and longer the toolholder, the easier it is to machine hard-to-reach points on the workpiece.

Depending on the toolholding system, the interference contour may have been minimised at the cost of radial rigidity, torque, reliable performance or precision.

The consequences are that tools wear quickly or can be pulled from the toolholder, machining noise increases and surfaces are not processed cleanly.

In the worst case, the workpiece or machine may be damaged.

The 150mm or 200mm long Tendo SVL does the job without any auxiliary equipment and converts almost any precision toolholder into a flexible and rigid holder for narrow spaces.

The precise run-out and vibration dampening combined with an internal coolant supply ensures good machining results and long tool life.

The finely balanced Tendo extensions allow quick tool changes using only an Allen key.

The clamping screw is operated radially from the side, which makes tool changing particularly convenient and allows tool changes in the machine.

The intermediate sleeves allow a reduction in the standard clamping diameter from 12mm or 20mm to 3mm, increasing user flexibility even further.

The high torque of the hydraulically clamped extension ensures that tools are held securely for all drilling, reaming and finish milling operations.

A single Tendo extension can be fitted with a variety of standard tools, making expensive specialist tools or shrink systems unnecessary.

The Tendo LSS long, super-slim toolholder is especially suitable for the high-precision machining of hard-to-reach points on workpieces.

The L1 dimension is 200mm with a good run-out of

It has good vibration dampening with its hydraulic clamping system and radial rigidity that fulfils even the most exacting user requirements.

In addition to the HSK-A 63 interface, the Tendo LSS also accommodates SK 40.

The Tendo LS is bulkier but offers increased stability.

Compared with other hydraulic toolholders, the Tendo hydro expansion toolholders have a 25-deg chuck chamfer.

This reduces the interference contour by 40 per cent.

In addition, the L1 dimension of this precision toolholder is 150mm or 200mm.

The long version of the Tendo hydraulic expansion toolholder is said to have a good true running of

Tendo LS features optimised interference contours, enhancing precision, surface quality and radial rigidity.

It is available for the HSK-A 63, SK40, SK 50, JIS-BT 40 and JIS-BT 50 interfaces.

Also designed for optimised interference contours is the universally applicable Tribos SVL.

The 100mm long toolholder extension from Schunk can be combined with various toolholders from other manufacturers.

The one-piece, high-precision extensions cover all toolholder diameters from 3-20mm and offer a true running and repeat accuracy of

The Trobis SVL does not consist of wear parts, making it virtually maintenance-free with a long service life.

Good machining and results are possible when Tribos SVL is combined with Schunk’s SINO universal toolholders that have been developed for the rough machining of high-strength aluminium workpieces.

Experienced users apply them to implement extreme unclamping lengths by clamping several extensions together.

Micro-machining operates by the rule that when extremely small tools are used, the workpiece and the available space usually tend to be small as well.

In such cases the interference contour quickly becomes a decisive issue.

The watch-making, die construction, medical and electrical technology sectors all have exacting requirements when it comes to precision.

Schunk polygonal clamping technology takes these aspects into account by delivering the small, slim Tribos Mini for all tool shanks with h6 tolerance from a diameter of 0.3mm.

Upon request, toolholders for even smaller clamping diameters can be produced.

The true running is

Their rotationally symmetric design also guarantees an extremely high balancing grade.

As a rule, Tribos Mini eliminates the need for complex, expensive special tools, delivering cost advantages to its users.

The one-piece miniature also has a high repeat accuracy of

That means it beats the values that can be achieved with collet chucks or heat shrink toolholders.

That is a significant advantage, especially for high-precision workpieces.

The smallest member of the Tribos family is available for ISO 10 and HSK E 25 to 40 interfaces.

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