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Schurter has expanded its standard line of power-inlet connectors and cord sets for the V-Lock system, with more than 50 appliance power-inlet connectors and power-entry modules and more than 40 power cables with various plugs, lengths and current ratings available from stock.

The V-Lock system is designed to guarantee that a power cable cannot be inadvertently pulled out of equipment. The cord connector is equipped with a pin that interlocks with a notch in the appliance inlet. A finger press on the release lever frees the interlock.

Plug retention is said to be very useful wherever there is the possibility that power could be unintentionally interrupted. Typical applications include medical equipment, laboratory and analysis instruments, telecommunication and IT equipment, industrial robots, power-outlet strips and equipment in television or radio studios.

For medical applications, Schurter also offers power-entry modules with medical filters and fuse holders, as well as improved protection against accidental contact.

Key information

  • V-Lock is bright yellow and easy recognisable, distinguishing it from conventional power inlet-plug/socket systems.
  • The system can be integrated into appliance couplers in compliance with IEC 60320 for rated currents of 10A and 16A.
  • There is no need to attach and adapt a clamping system or retaining bracket specific to a unit’s power socket.
  • V-Lock is available with black or white power cables.
  •  ‘American Hospital Grade’ power cables are available for medical technology applications.

SCHURTER continues to be a progressive innovator and manufacturer of electronic and electrical components worldwide. Our products ensure safe and clean supply of power, while making equipment easy to use. We offer a broad range of standard products including circuit protection, connectors, switches, EMC products and input systems, as well as electronic manufacturing services. Moreover, SCHURTER is ready to work with our customers to meet their application-specific requirements not covered in our standard range. You can rely on SCHURTER’s global network of companies and partners to guarantee a high level of local service and product delivery.


  • Circuit protection: fuse-Links, fuseholders, varistors, circuit breakers for equipment, voltage selectors
  • Connectors: IEC appliance couplers, appliance inlets, connectors, appliance outlets, plugs, power supply cords, interconnection cords
  • Switches: metal line switches, print-mount and front-panel switches, public transport switches, indicators
  • EMC products: one- and three-phase line filter with and without IEC appliance inlets, sine filters, chokes and pulse transformers
  • Input systems: metal and membrane keypads, touch screens, touch panels, cabinet and housing systems


  • Electronic manufacturing services for the electronic industry
  • Development of customer-specific products
  • Support of pre-compliance measurement for EMC topics

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