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Sciemetric Instruments has made upgrades to its Sigpod 1200 series in-station process monitor to help manufacturers better observe the variables that impact critical manufacturing processes.

Sigpod is the universal hardware platform of the company’s process monitoring and quality management systems.

Sciemetric said the Sigpod 1200 series is its most popular Sigpod due to its industrial NEMA-12 packaging, which makes the monitor suitable for harsh manufacturing environments without the use of an enclosure.

This is said to speed implementation and reduce costs.

The Sigpod 1202 and 1204, for two- and four-channel applications, now has a 40GB solid-state drive, a 1.66GHz dual-core processor and twice the memory, as well as two USB 2.0 ports.

Sciemetric said these improvements can boost overall performance by up to 10 times over the previous version.

The Sigpod 1200’s data acquisition system offers independent per-channel amplifiers, 33.3mV sensitivity, and up to four encoder channels.

The company claimed that the Sigpod offers the most on-board data storage of any process monitor.

The Sigpod 1200 series can be used for virtually any testing and monitoring application, such as press-fit monitoring, torque testing, sound and vibration analysis, welding, profiling and more.

Manufacturers can also use Sciemetric’s process signature verification (PSV) software to configure the system to meet their requirements.

Improved performance enables manufacturers to perform complex data analysis in real time, delivering more accurate and comprehensive quality tests.

Combining Sigpod with Sciemetric’s Qualityworx analytical software is said to provide advanced automated storage, archiving, retrieval, analysis and reporting of critical manufacturing data captured on the plant floor.

Qualityworx enables collection and analysis of production data to demonstrate proof of compliance for parts made, determine trends as a means to proactively identify production improvements, quickly address quality issues and increase productivity.

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