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Scitox has announced that it has shipped its first commercial orders for its Alpha toxicity analyser, which was publicly released on 19 April 2009.

The first four units have been shipped to countries in Europe and Asia as a result of a series of introductory seminars given between May and July in those regions, according to Ralph Wattinger, chief executive officer of Scitox.

‘In addition to a total of five orders that we have processed, there have been commitments for further orders given by customers in the Americas, Asia and Europe,’ he said.

The customers included government agency laboratories looking at wastewater and universities running wastewater treatment training programmes.

Rapid toxicity measurement systems provide wastewater customers with an early warning of potential upsets to their treatment systems, reducing the risk of non-compliant discharges and higher operating costs.

The toxic response measured by the Alpha applies to organic and inorganic toxins.

The Alpha will be employed in laboratory, in-process and in-field applications.

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