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Scorpion Vision has introduced a quad-core CPU that gives four times the image processing speed of one core.

Other advantages for machine vision systems are the ability to process images on one CPU, while other tasks such as communication and user interface management are executed on another.

In addition to speed, this will mean that the machine vision system is more robust.

Multi-threaded image processing is just another step in providing more computing power to machine vision applications – it will be especially important in 3D robot vision and 3D gauging.

Thor Volsett, chief executive officer of Tordivel, the company behind Scorpion Vision Software said: ‘Over the next years there will be eight, sixteen and thirty-two-core CPUs that will give a major contribution to low-cost computing power.

‘This will have a significant effect on intelligent camera systems and will provide the platform for concepts such as Scorpion Vision Server.’ Tordivel’s server product has already been deployed in one factory, connected to 16 cameras using a dual quad-core machine.

In addition to hardware cost savings, there are other factors such as reduced clutter on the shop floor, where one machine might be processing the images from many cameras on multiple production lines in the factory.

Scorpion uses multi-threading to speed up image processing, run multiple vision systems on one computer and exchange data with other systems without compromising system integrity.

Scorpion Vision Software is a non-programming machine vision application that runs on Windows.

It can be used by operators not specialised in machine vision to create inspection and automation applications in very quick time.

Scorpion Vision Ltd promotes and supports Scorpion Vision products for the UK automation industry. Scorpion Vision is a machine vision framework automation package that is used in a broad range of manufacturing industry sectors, from aerospace to food production.

The Scorpion Vision System is perfect for:
– 2D and 3D Robot Vision
– 2D and 3D Assembly Verification
– Sorting and Identification
– Non-contact measurement
– Surface inspection

The core product is the Scorpion Compact Vision System which is a small footprint fanless PC designed for advanced machine vision applications. The compact vision system is available with various camera options – both 2D and 3D variants.

The 2D Stinger Camera is ready to fit to any production line and is delivered with a fully integrated light source all contained in an IP rated industrial housing.

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