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Scorpion Power Systems, an integrated power solutions company, has introduced a lightning and surge protector for standby power protection.

Unlike similar devices that are often installed out of view, the Scorpion Power Systems device is installed into an existing power protection system that incorporates an LCD display so that there is a visual alarm to show that the surge protector has been triggered.

Electrical transients and voltage surges can happen anywhere and at any time.

If the power to servers is affected through mains-borne transient voltages, software, data and equipment can be corrupted.

Protectors on a mains power supply can save data by avoiding a crash or power problem, during which corruption could occur.

Scorpion Power Systems’s lightning and surge protector has been designed to provide comprehensive protection at a reasonable cost.

Installed at the electrical incomer of a building, the system provides suppression from mains-borne voltage spikes (or high pulses of energy) and surges that can occur between phase-to-neutral, phase-to-earth and neutral-to-earth processes.

Protection is achieved using high-energy absorption elements, matching the lightning and surge protector.

This allows the protector to behave like a short circuit during a transient over voltage, shortening out the transient voltage and allowing the transient current to flow through it.

Equipment connected ‘downstream’ should also be safeguarded locally to achieve total surge protection.

The lightning and surge protector can be expanded to be included within a building management system and is available in either single- or three-phase options.

Approved to BS EN ISO 9000, Scorpion Power Systems’s protection system is said to require no maintenance, although it should be monitored by the LCD display.

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