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Tordivel has introduced Scorpion Vision Software 7.0, which removes the need for programming skills when designing 2D and 3D solutions.

The toolbox has more than 150 components and tools for creating machine vision applications.

Scorpion Vision Software can be combined with: Sony Smart cameras; digital cameras with USB, Firewire and GigE interfaces; and 3D image sensors.

There is the choice of a small form factor with the Sony Smartcam; a standard PC; or the power of an industrial PC with Raid and multi-core technology.

Scorpion Vision Software is used in many industries, including: automotive, furniture manufacturing, food and drug, robotics, packaging, energy and photovoltaic.

Scorpion Vision Software solves tasks within robot vision, label and surface inspection, assembly verification, colour identification and gauging.

Scorpion Vision Software speeds-up development and reduces maintenance costs for machine vision systems.

The flexible user interface and Python scripting allow the customisation of applications.

Configuration tools perform functions such as: 2D and 3D pattern matching, template finding, 3D measurements, blob analysis, morphology, metrology, calibration, colour identification, shape sorting, OCR and OCV, bar code and data code reading and polygon matching with sub-pixel accuracy.

Scorpion Vision Software can create and use 3D images.

Based on the 3D image, Scorpion can locate objects and perform geometrical operations in a framework with true 3D reference systems and 3D visualisation.

Scorpion Vision Software combines 2D and 3D measurements.

Scorpion Vision Software’s 3D measurement techniques can be used for automatic robot bin picking and product inspection.

Scorpion Vision Ltd promotes and supports Scorpion Vision products for the UK automation industry. Scorpion Vision is a machine vision framework automation package that is used in a broad range of manufacturing industry sectors, from aerospace to food production.

The Scorpion Vision System is perfect for:
– 2D and 3D Robot Vision
– 2D and 3D Assembly Verification
– Sorting and Identification
– Non-contact measurement
– Surface inspection

The core product is the Scorpion Compact Vision System which is a small footprint fanless PC designed for advanced machine vision applications. The compact vision system is available with various camera options – both 2D and 3D variants.

The 2D Stinger Camera is ready to fit to any production line and is delivered with a fully integrated light source all contained in an IP rated industrial housing.

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