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Infotechnics has revealed that Scottish Power has chosen Opralog operational logging and reporting software as part of its drive towards a more centralised shift logging and reporting system.

Scottish Power, part of the Iberdrola Group, will implement Opralog across all its coal, gas and hydro power generation assets throughout the UK.

It aims to improve operational efficiency and ensure a high level of safety throughout the business.

Jim Ross, project manager at Scottish Power, said: ‘We identified a desire to move away from the current methods for shift logging and implement a system that will provide a centralised view of all generating sites.

‘The aim was for valuable information to be presented and utilised in a manner that would increase operational efficiency and enable us to maintain a high level of safety.

‘Opralog ensures more effective communication between shifts, and facilitates our legal requirements to provide documentation on plant status and events during the shift handover.

‘Our coal, gas and hydro stations all have different requirements and characteristics, and the flexible and configurable nature of Opralog ensures it is utilised in the most effective way at each site.

‘Opralog will interface to other plant systems and automatically capture significant events, therefore improving information quality and reducing manual effort,’ Ross added.

Jon Howard, business development director at Infotechnics, said: ‘One of the most important criteria that Scottish Power had for the operational shift logging system was to effectively manage knowledge and information across each site.

‘Information has to be visible and available to users for them to conduct detailed and granular analysis with an aim of quickly and effectively communicating a single “best practice” method across the business for key operational activities.

‘Opralog is able to capture complex information while still being intuitive and simple to use for the end user, and by interfacing to various other plant systems Scottish Power will have a complete view of the plant status and evens for all locations at any one time.’

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