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Halma Water Management has revealed that Scottish Water is utilising more than 60 Senator+ data-logging systems to collect, collate and transmit data about various environmental conditions.

The data-logging systems are being used in some of the remotest areas of Scotland, where traditional telecoms are unavailable or impractical.

Reservoir levels, compensation channel levels and flows, and pipeline flow rates from treatment works to compensation returns all need to be monitored, but they can often be located in hard-to-access and non-GSM covered places.

The Senator+, developed by Halma Water Management in conjunction with Wireless Innovation, is purposely designed for these situations.

Where there is no infrastructure for more traditional telemetry services – no GSM/SMS signal, too remote for PSTN lines – the Senator+ is able to use its Microsat satellite data transmission technology and solar-charged battery power to provide reliable and maintenance-free data-logging services.

Scottish Water has been using the product to retrieve important environmental monitoring information remotely; many of the installations can only be reached by various combinations of all-terrain four-wheel-drive vehicles, quad bikes and even hiking.

After the initial installation (easy with the all-in-one cabinet, according to Halma), the units are self-sustaining and no subsequent maintenance has been needed or undertaken.

Halma Water Management said until now this monitoring was effectively impossible, requiring time-consuming and costly site visits for each individual reading at each location.

Now, the satellite system transmits recorded data as often as every five minutes, straight to the user’s computing device of choice, wherever they may be.

At the heart of the system is the Multi-Channel Senator+ data logger; each logger records from up to nine separate inputs, can store up to 48,000 individual readings and has programmable alarm condition parameters.

The unit is also available with more traditional cellular or PSTN communication options.

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