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Hepcomotion’s PSD80 screw-driven linear actuator is available with a range of screw options.

For example, a high lead model allows direct coupling of a stepper motor, providing a particularly cost-effective solution.

The unit can also be specified with opposing left- and right-hand carriages as a ’double acting’ version.

As a result, the application scope of this newcomer ranges from light pick-and-place and assembly operations involving XYZ movements to instrument-positioning systems.

And in ’double acting’ format it is ideal as a specialised door and shutter opening-and-closing mechanism.

The PSD80 was primarily developed by Hepcomotion around the need for a low-cost Z axis for lighter-load applications.

It complements the company’s established PSD120 ball-screw actuator and PDU2/PDU2M belt-driven units.

By comparison, with many other products on the market, the PSD80 requires little or no maintenance, providing long and reliable service, even without lubrication.

The new addition incorporates a screw drive with a range of lead options from four to 70mm, with the 25mm lead particularly useful for Z-axis applications; where higher-speed pick and place performance is required, the 70mm lead can satisfy this need.

When directly coupled to a stepper motor, the 70mm lead-screw option will allow speeds approaching 1m/sec.

Its competitive price makes it a viable alternative to single-position pneumatic-driven Z axes.

For such an application, the PSD80 provides better response time as well as greater consistency and positioning accuracy.

The Herculane linear-motion wheel technology introduced by the PDU2 belt-driven family of actuators is also responsible for the fit-and-forget performance of the PSD80.

The PSD80 is supplied as a closed unit to prevent debris from compromising its reliability.

However, for applications where dirt ingress is not a design consideration, an open-format version is also available.

In both forms the unit can also be specified as a slave where two units are to be used in parallel.

A typical multi-axis application for the PSD80 would involve fitting the screw-driven unit to a single PDU2M high-moment load unit providing the Y-axis movement.

This allows two standard PDU2 belt-driven actuators to be used in parallel in the X axis.

The whole assembly can then be mounted onto a Hepcomotion MCS framework to provide a cost-effective XYZ solution that would typically be stepper-motor driven.

The application flexibility of the PSD80 is also enhanced by its availability as a corrosion-resistant product; as standard the screw is stainless steel.

It can also be specified as a ’double acting’ version in which two carriages are linked by left- and right-hand pitch screws.

In addition to door or hatch actuation, this option is also ideal for systems that involve the positioning of opposing carriages, typically seen in measuring or sensing applications.

The PSD80 actuator can be supplied with precision ball screws where the application requires greater positioning accuracy.

Designing a unique engineering principle and making it a commercial success is quite an accomplishment.  Developing that concept and embracing complementary technologies to the point where the business becomes a world leader in its field takes that achievement into a different league.  HepcoMotion has achieved both and in 2009 celebrates 40th year of trading.   

Today HepcoMotion is one of the world’s foremost innovators and manufacturers of linear motion technology.  And this can be attributed to the important tenet – continued investment in its people processes and products.  This has allowed the company to grow even at times of economical difficulty.  

Although its range of individual, linear motion products remains an important part of its business the growth area for HepcoMotion in recent years is in specials and assemblies.  Almost one fifth of its shop floor space is devoted to assembly and the company has invested heavily in flexible manufacturing to ensure that even last minute changes can be accommodated to customer specification.  

Constantly re-assessing its strengths against changing market demands continues to provide HepcoMotion with the momentum for business growth.  The culture of ongoing investment has certainly worked well throughout its first 40 years and will continue to underpin its business in the decades to come.

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