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These screw pumps are volumetric self-priming pumps suited to handle oils and liquids with a minimum lubricating quality. The design simplicity makes these screw pumps intrinsically reliable and efficient.

The accurate hydraulic balance and the special profile of the screw thread guarantee a continuous flow with minimum pulsations and turbulance, resulting in extremely low noise levels even at high rotational speed.

The screws epicycloidal profiling is developed through a complex computerised calculation which not only perfectly defines their shape, but also controls the production with continuous monitoring of machinery process, consequently assuring a high degree of repeatable quality.

The high quality level of these screw pumps is guaranteed by a final testing on 100% of the manufactured products.

» Compatible with a wide range of viscosities from 1 to 12,000 cSt and above.
» Efficiently working also at very low temperatures (-20°C).
» High self-priming capacity.
» High rotation rates = minimizing the size and cost of the pump.
» Steady flow rate = maximum efficiency in heat exchange applications.
» Special design for systems with entrained air in the lubricant = minimizing the vibrations and noise caused by air.
» Minimum sensitivity to particle pollution = longest life of the pump and circuit.
» Continuous operating pressures up to 130 bar, peak 200 bar.
» Pulsation-free = maximum efficiency of filtering applications.
» Extremely quiet.

Product Options
Screw pumps: standard according to API 676, for mineral and lubricating oils also fluids with low lubricating properties (water + oil, HFC, LFO, HFO). Flows up to 5,000 litres per minute and pressure up to 130 bar (200 bar peak).

• SAE counterflanges.

• Motor pump sets: close coupled, AC or DC electric motors.

• Pre-assembled systems: with bell-housing and coupling arrangements.

• Skid mounted pumps: with or without motor but suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting.

• High efficiency Air/Oil Heat Exchangers: up to 14,000 kCal/h (16kW).

• Off-line filtration systems (filtration trolley) and complete stand alone systems, also for machine tools).

• Relief valves: Flow rate from 50 to 1,200 litres per minute and pressure up to 40 bar.

• ATEX approval for use in explosive atmospheres: ATEX Zone 0 & 1

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JBJ Techniques

JBJ Techniques is a specialist supplier of high-quality products for the mechanical power transmission and fluid power sectors. The company offers a high level of in-house expertise plus a huge selection of products to meet a very broad range of customer applications.

An organisation that manufactures and integrates all the diverse components of a drivetrain provides the experience to help you select the best component combination for your application. Simple coupling-bellhousing-pump combinations to mechanical drives for subsea wave energy, steel works crucible handling equipment or marine winch drives, jbj’s team is recognised for its expertise in the selection and configuration of hydraulic and mechanical transmission systems. Able to draw on an extensive product range that provides the building blocks for bespoke systems both large and small, the in-house design team offers a complete service, ranging from assessment of customer requirements to full technical backup, including product specification, CAD based system design, system build and certification. Moreover customers can take advantage of jbj’s own machine-shop facilities and skilled engineers to guarantee quality and control costs.

» product specification
team of design engineers to assist in design process, simple or complex, standard or bespoke.

» prompt product supply
large stocks for next day delivery on many items.

» machine shop
full machining services for bespoke designs.

jbj Techniques offers a high level of in-house expertise plus a huge selection of products to meet a very broad range of customer applications. From specification, through technical advice and manufacture to after-sales support, jbj Techniques provides a comprehensive and valued service to the power transmission and hydraulics industries. The company fields a UK-wide team of technical sales engineers to ensure that the business is close to its customers, and it enjoys excellent associations with European & North American manufacturers, acting as sole UK distributor in many cases.

Based in  Redhill, Surrey,  U.K. assisting customers around the world.

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