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System Control Solutions (SCS) is offering the VFD-E series of sensorless vector constant-torque frequency inverters.

The range, manufactured by Delta Electronics, has been extended from 0.4kW single-phase to 22kW three-phase, with constant-torque micro drives available in 15, 18.5 and 22kW versions.

The product features low-horsepower constant-torque micro drives, is IP20 rated and includes extension option cards for communication networks or increasing the input/output capacity of the PLC function.

The inbuilt PLC has been upgraded to perform 500 steps of logic, enabling the user to write and execute within the drive and control programmes such as multi-speed selection.

By selecting two out of six inputs, 15 speed routines can be selected without external timers or control-logic hardware.

It can also monitor current and output an alarm when moving into an overload regime.

It can communicate directly with an operator panel via the inbuilt Modbus, allowing users to set recipes and monitor the current or frequency of the drive directly.

The software is Vista compatible and is free, with no licence purchase or upgrade costs, and is downloadable from Delta or SCS’s websites.

All programming is performed in step sequence or ladder logic, with 28 internal functions including timers and counters.

The system also features a built-in EMI filter (switchable for IT/medical applications) to separate incoming and outgoing wiring.

It has full overload protection (oL,oL1 and oL2), overvoltage/overcurrent stall prevention, short-circuit protection, reset-after-fault facility, speed-search function and motor-overheat protection.

Modbus protocol is via RS485 and optional Fieldbus modules for connection to a variety of networks, including Profibus, Devicenet, Lonworks and Canopen, are also available.

The design incorporates high-efficiency cooling, allowing multiple side-by-side installations for panel space saving.

This product is also available with a DIN rail adapter.

Multiple VFD-Es can be connected in parallel to share regenerative braking energy, preventing overvoltage and giving DC bus stability.

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