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Inmoco has extended its networked servo drive line from Ormec with the introduction of the SD drive family.

Consisting of 14 drives, ranging in size from 3A to 60A, the Servowire (registered) SD range provides high-performance servo operation utilising high-bandwidth digital networking technology based on IEEE 1394b.

Said to be more efficient and faster than the previous 1394a network, 1394b defines a roadmap to 3.2Gbit signalling as well as definitions for additional communications media (such as fibre optics).

With the introduction of the Servowire (registered) SD range of drives, combined with the recently introduced Servowire Motion and Logic Controller (SMLC) series of controllers, Inmoco claims that it is now able to provide a complete Ormec motion control system, offering all the advantages (such as high bandwidth, ease of use, higher data rates and improved noise immunity) of IEEE 1394b networking technology.

The Servowire (registered) SD family of drives supports a variety of high-performance, quadrature and serial encoder and resolver-based servomotors.

The 230 Series accepts 115VAC or 230VAC inputs, offering 600W to 15,000W of output power, while the 460 Series accepts inputs of 230VAC or 460VAC, offering 2,400W to 24,000W of output power.

Offering high levels of functionality, the Servowire SD drives can perform onboard high-performance tension control via an integrated analogue input that can be used within the drive itself or by a host controller.

Also integrated is an analogue output, which can be used to command a remote device or be employed as a monitor signal.

The drives have eight digital input/output (I/O) points and two high-speed sensor inputs, all of which are connected via pluggable terminal blocks with light-emitting-diode (LED) indicators to aid in system start-up and troubleshooting.

The SMLC is intended to provide cost-effective integrated motion solutions from one to 24 axes.

Offering a small installation footprint and providing advanced features such as Pentium 32-bit processors, IEEE 1394b Firewire networking and Ethernet connectivity, the SMLC is a system that can control an entire machine, according to Inmoco.

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