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Sealed Air has launched Aircap E, an environmentally friendly barrier-sealed bubble packaging solution that saves up to 46 per cent in volume compared with standard bubble wrap.

Thanks to its reduced volume, 46 per cent more Aircap E bubble wrap can be stored in a warehouse space compared with standard Aircap bubble wrap, and 46 per cent more can be transported in the same truck, reducing the carbon footprint by 30 per cent, which could help to meet sustainability targets.

Aircap E is also fully reusable and recyclable.

Hans Kriens, product manager at Sealed Air, said: ‘The air retention barrier seal enables Aircap E to retain its cushioning thickness for longer, providing the same protection while using less material.

‘In addition, our engineers reviewed the design of the bubble to achieve a more rounded shape with fewer sharp angles, and the spacing of the bubbles was meticulously studied.

‘As a result, the bubbles better interlock when the film is rolled up.

‘The Aircap E enables companies to save energy throughout their operations and to benefit from reduced material handling and contributes to cost and space savings throughout the supply chain,’ he added.

Aircap E is manufactured using a co-extruded film that exhibits a high mechanical resistance and degree of impermeability.

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