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Materials engineered by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions for its new range of seals for hygienic-design couplings have undergone tests to demonstrate their performance.

The materials have undergone testing in commonly used CIP media.

The company said the tests prove that the materials are well-suited to these applications.

In particular, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) E7502 and Fluorocarbon (FKM) V8T41 gave very good results for their material types, with V8T41 demonstrating high performance for a fluorocarbon sealing material.

The three materials recommended for hygienic-design couplings, EPDM E7502 and FKMs V8605 and V8T41, underwent various tests, one of which was immersion in 21 commonly used CIP fluids.

After this, the sealing materials were measured for volume swell, a critical determinant of long-term sealing integrity.

In all cases but one the volume change of the materials was well below 10 per cent, the percentage of volume swell that is deemed allowable in such applications.

In fact, in most CIP media the change was less than five per cent, the percentage of volume swell that is deemed perfectly acceptable in such applications.

The FKM V8T41 gave the best overall performance.

In the demanding conditions created by a combination of a two per cent solution of acidic acid, citric acid and formic acid at +60C/+140F, volume swell of V8T41 was well below five per cent.

In a one per cent concentration of acidic CIP media with oxygen at +40C/+104F, virtually no swell was recorded.

In addition, the material is also suitable for hot water and steam applications up to 170C/ 338F.

EPDM E7502 has high chemical resistance, giving it long life in polar solvents, steam and hot water along with suitability for contact with alkaline cleaning fluids.

Tests prove it to be a good all-round material, including in water-for-injection (WFI) applications at high temperatures.

FKM V8605 is specially suited to processes with high temperatures or where there is contact with high-fat media such as edible oils or cosmetics, or in processes where lubrication with grease or mineral-based oils is required.

FKM V8T41 has high hot water and steam resistance up to 170C/ 338F, making the material especially suitable for use in heat exchangers or other ultra-high temperature processing equipment.

It also gives high performance in contact with dry and liquid products in the meat, poultry and dairy industries, as well as in pharmaceutical and bio-processing equipment.

All of these materials are compliant to and tested against FDA, 21 CFR177.2600, 3-A, USP Class VI, as well as against cytotoxicity (USP and DIN EN ISO 10993-5) and conform to regulation (EC) 1935-2004.

Gaskets and O-rings are supplied in sizes specified by ISO 2852, DIN 11864 and DIN 32676 along with custom-made configurations.

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