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At the 2011 Hanover Fair, the Parker Seal Group will be showcasing its products under the central theme of ’Smart Sealing Technology – Intelligent sealing solutions for higher efficiency’.

The spotlight will be on sealing products in the fields of fluid power, process engineering and renewable energies.

Product advantages range from bringing higher efficiency, safety and durability to various technical systems through to satisfying stringent hygienic demands in critical food processing and life science applications.

In addition, Parker will present its new Adhesives and Sealants product range of modern, economical and clean solutions for a multitude of tasks in the field of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).

The Parker-Pradifa Tech.Forum, a platform for developers, designers, buyers and others with an interest in technology, will put visitors in direct touch with sealing technology through live demonstrations of test rigs from the Parker-Pradifa physical lab and the use of computer simulation in seal development.

In the field of fluid power applications, Parker-Pradifa shows how the efficiency of hydraulic systems can be significantly enhanced by means of new friction-optimised sealing materials and geometries.

Efficiency is also a result of factors like long service life and high operating reliability.

They can be achieved, for instance, by reducing dirt ingress by means of the newly developed AV wiper.

The wiper back with a large, externally protruding dirt shield protects against ingress of rain water.

The integrated pressure-relief function prevents the extrusion of the wiper from the groove in the event that pressure builds up between the seal and the wiper.

As simplified assembly leads to time and cost savings it is another way to increase efficiency.

The showcased comprehensive range of composite sealing plates and washers, for example, facilitates quick and reliable sealing of flange connections.

In addition, the versatile composite parts can be used to achieve reliable sealing concepts in diverse applications ranging from automotive engineering, air conditioning technology and general industrials through to the oil and gas sector.

Parker’s hygienic sanitary gaskets feature a patent-pending design and are suitable for meeting the exacting qualitative and technical demands of applications in hygienically critical process equipment and tube systems, such as those in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

The almost-flush interface (+/-0.2mm) prevents entrapment of any media within a dead space that can lead to microbial growth and contamination.

In addition, the flush design helps to prevent erosion of the elastomeric seal that could contaminate the process stream.

The sealing elements have been awarded international ASME Bio Processing Equipment (BPE) certification.

Parker’s hygienic sanitary gaskets demonstrated good chemical resistance in extensive testing programmes, which qualified this type of seal for food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Furthermore, each sealing element has a laser-engraved identification number that ensures complete traceability of the sealing materials from production through to installation.

Safe and efficient use of renewable energies makes special demands on sealing technology, particularly with respect to media resistance.

An extensive range of sealing technologies designed to meet these needs is presented at the Parker HMI trade fair stand.

Among other things, it encompasses special sealing materials and compounds that are suitable for use in wind-farm applications involving high-frequency micro-oscillations.

They also offer good low-temperature properties and resistance against demanding media.

The newly developed special materials for solar-thermal systems are resistant to water- and oil-based heat-transfer media and aggressive additives and temperatures of up to 320C.

For photovoltaic systems, Parker presents UL-listed sealing materials that simplify the approval processes for system components.

In addition to colour coding, they offer good low-temperature flexibility, ozone and weather resistance.

At stand 20, hall B20 at the Hanover Fair 2011, Parker representatives will be able to discuss topics such as ways in which material developers are responding to the anticipated increasing use of alternative lubricants or fully synthetic ’new oils’, how gas spring seals, which are an essential element of a multitude of commonly used equipment, are optimised in terms of critical permeation behaviour or how ’alternative’ piston rod coverings compared with traditional hard-chrome-plating affect the performance of hydraulic rod seals.

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