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Now available from Dichtomatik, Kalrez O-ring seals are chemically resistant and rated for operation at temperatures down to -42C, making them suitable for cold high altitudes and arctic latitudes.

These products are the latest innovation in the Dupont Kalrez Spectrum perfluoroelastomer range, which has proven capability with more than 1,800 chemicals, solvents and aggressive fluids while combined with excellent sealing performance and elasticity for operation in freezing-cold environments.

The Kalrez Spectrum 0040 material is suitable for performance at high altitudes and arctic latitudes, making it suitable for cutting-edge operations taking place in some of the most hostile environments on the planet.

This includes use in hydrocarbon processing equipment involving cold start-ups, hose couplings for chemical transport equipment, manhole seals for rail cars or wherever operating conditions down to -42C may occur.

The -42C rating of the Kalrez 0040 O-ring seals represents a suitable alternative to less chemically resistant elastomers such as silicone or fluoroelastomers.

The upper service temperature limit for these products is 220C, with an approximate volume swell of 10 per cent when exposed to nitric acid for a duration of 168 hours.

Compression-set resistance is similar to other Kalrez products in the range, which also incorporate the same high levels of chemically resistant protection.

As an official authorised distributor of Dupont Kalrez products, Dichtomatik can offer full technical support for customers experiencing sealing problems involving extreme temperature or pressure conditions combined with aggressive fluids.

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