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Parker Hannifin has announced a seawater reverse-osmosis (RO) system that offers yacht owners the benefit of simple installation.

The Village Marine Squirt frame-mounted unit is available in 400, 600 and 800gal/day models and can operate from 110 or 220V power supplies within a 26 x 16 x 15in frame.

RO applies pressure to seawater, impelling it through a semi-permeable membrane that restricts the flow of dissolved inorganic solids, mostly salt, and allows the fresh water to pass through.

The desalination system can be operated and monitored from the included remote control and has an easy-access sediment prefilter.

A maintenance-free air/oil separator allows operation while underway, with a three-plunger titanium pump for low vibration and noise with unsurpassed corrosion resistance – according to the company.

A magnetic-drive low-pressure pump provides up to 10psi of boost pressure to the filtration system, never requiring seal replacement.

Featuring 316SS glycerine-filled pressure gauges, a freshwater flush System is included – with optional automation of the flush system.

An adjustable 316 SS pressure-regulating valve allows for use in fresh, brackish or seawater, while a 316 SS high-pressure bypass valve controls the operating mode from cleaning/rinse to seawater RO.

It allows high-pressure bypass for startup and low-pressure flushing without readjustment of the regulating valve.

An automatic diversion valve diverts water to discharge if the water quality drops below acceptable standards.

A digital water-quality monitor displays the purity of product water output, temperature and total hours for accurate service logging.

A cleaning valve enables easy cleaning or sterilisation of the system, including membranes.

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