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Seica, an Italian manufacturer of automatic test equipment and laser-based selective soldering systems, has announced the latest addition to its new generation of flying probe test systems.

The S280 is a horizontal flying probe test system designed specifically for testing any type of printed circuit board (PCB) from simple single side circuits to complex multi-layers, inner-layers and ceramics.

The system is equipped with eight independent mobile probes – four probes on each board side.

The S280 can carry all eight probes on the same pad (four on each side).

The system has been equipped with a pass-through conveyor and a multi-type board handler (MBTH), enabling operator-free use.

Up to 100 different PCBs can be loaded and tested fully automatically.

The S280 is able to achieve a very high speed with maximum accuracy and measurement repeatability, according to the company.

The X and Y axes of the S280 utilise the roller bearings and brushless motors coupled with pre-loaded, high-precision ball screws to move the eight measurement probes.

The Z axes integrate ultra-compact linear motors, which enable high-speed performance and absolute touchdown control.

The pneumatic board handler integrated in the S280 is able to automatically ‘stretch’ large panels and thin PCBs and has motorised width adjustment that automatically moves the fixture to the programmed position.

The system is equipped with a new generation of probes; the design, in combination with the capability to move each test head independently and position eight probes on the same pad (four on each side), allows the execution of both Kelvin tests and Barrel tests without changing probes.

It is also possible to test any type of embedded component; with the relative options enabled, the Viva software will automatically generate the Kelvin test, Barrel test and ICT test for these types of components.

The high level of programmability and runtime control of the Z axes allow the user to program the speed and pressure of every test probe, leaving virtually no witness marks on the PCB.

Additional software performances allow the user to ‘autolearn’ the non-planarity of the board under test to compensate for and an X-Y-Z retry can be implemented to immediately verify any fault found, thus discriminating any false defects.

Five different profiles are available at the operator level to automatically manage all kinds of PCB surfaces.

The standard configuration of the S280 comes with a complete vision system that includes two charged-coupled-device (CCD) cameras – one for each side of the PCB.

The cameras can be used for the recognition of fiducials for automatic centring of the board under test, the verification/modification of test points and the optical inspection of a part on the board under test.

In any moment, it is possible to view the probes contacting the PCB.

The S280 is based on the Seica VIP platform, which includes the Viva software.

The integrated ‘Test Wizard’ guides the operator through the steps needed to create a test program in a matter of minutes starting from the PCB data.

The periodic calibration of the test probes is carried out using the interactive procedure integrated in the software and the dedicated card supplied with the system.

The Viva software also provides a complete, interactive set of auto-diagnostic tools that enables the user to monitor, in real time, the operating status of the system.

A remote service option is available for technical support via a modem.

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