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Habasit Rossi has launched an online belt calculation service that is said to help identify the optimum solution for belting applications.

The company’s suite of Selecalc programmes, which can be downloaded from the Habasit Rossi website, use proven calculation processes based on advanced engineering principles to enable customers to specify the most effective equipment for their processes.

By inputting the technical parameters of an application into the software, customers can identify the products that will maximise the efficiency and performance of their application.

The user-friendly software offers guidance and advice at each stage of the calculation process, as well as all the product data, images and information required to facilitate easy selection and calculation of belts.

The suite of Selecalc software includes: Convey-Selecalc for fabric-belt applications (Habaflow); Link-Selecalc for plastic-modular-belt applications (Habasitlink); Sync-Selecalc for timing-belt applications (Habasync); and Power-Selecalc for power-transmission flat-belt applications (Habadrive).

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