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Albert Browne, a supplier of infection prevention products, is using a custom-built assembly system developed by Schmidt Technology to automate a critical process stage in the production of protein detection kits for use throughout the medical and healthcare sectors.

Albert Browne, part of Steris Corporation, specialises in the development and manufacture of chemical monitoring and contamination detection kits for use in steam and chemical sterilisation and decontamination systems; these are typically used in hospitals for cleaning surgical instruments, gowns and endoscopes.

The new assembly system is claimed to be providing high levels of accuracy and applied force in a delicate application, while helping Albert Browne to boost productivity, improve working conditions and ensure product traceability.

The system incorporates a stainless steel rotary bowl feeder, a pick-and-place mechanism, a six-station rotary table and a 405 servo press. 

Key benefits of product application

  • The semi-automatic press system from Schmidt has enabled Albert Browne to automate part of the production process — the insertion of an airtight stopper — of its ninhydrin protein detection kit.
  • This has eliminated an otherwise time-consuming and slow process, and prevented the risk of repetitive strain injury for factory staff.
  • The system features a large-area LCD press control, which is said to make system configuration quick and simple without the need for special operator training.
  • It also provides detailed diagnostics and analytical reports, which Albert Browne has now standardised as part of its plant-wide traceability systems.

Schmidt Technology

SCHMIDT Technology Ltd. (UK) has grown to become the UK market leader in first-class stand alone machines, press tooling and assembly stations. The company has an excellent quality record and an experienced, loyal and highly motivated workforce.

The SCHMIDT Press Control offers high standards of safety and precision due to its force/stroke monitoring and integrated measurement technology.

SCHMIDT Technology Ltd. (UK) aims to provide a Total Tooling Solution to its customers from design and sampling to manufacture. Our tools are built for maximum life with minimum servicing. We strongly believe that quality tooling is essential to meet high productivity levels.

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