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ASM Pacific Technology Ltd (ASMPT), a supplier of wafer assembly and packaging equipment for the semiconductor industry, has benefitted from using Renishaw’s encoder, calibration and co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) products for more than 15 years.

A variety of Renishaw encoders is employed in various ASMPT machines including incremental encoders (RGH series, compact TONiC series and SiGNUM series), the RESOLUTE absolute encoder range and the LM10 magnetic encoder system by RLS, a Renishaw associate company. 

Renishaw encoders are found in:

  • AB559 series wedge bonders, designed with a large aluminium bonding area of 8 x 4in and speeds to 4.1 wires/sec
  • High-speed MCM12 die bonders: a fully automatic multiple die, SMD, and flip chip bonding system, up to 14 types of picking tools and 12in wafer handling capability SMD and flip-chip bonders with up to 300mm wafer handling capacity  
  • UV-cured die bonders: used in image sensor applications with resolutions to 50nm and speeds to 3.5m/s in operating temperatures as high as 300ºC

ASMPT has also invested in several of Renishaw’s calibration products, including the XL-80 laser calibration system, RX10 rotary axis calibrator and QC20-W ballbar system. These are used by R&D engineers for performance verification of ASMPT’s machines, including positioning accuracy and dynamic characteristics, and by ASMPT’s production staff to regularly calibrate their CNC machine tools to ensure the accuracy of manufactured parts.

Key benefits of product application

  • Renishaw’s encoders have ‘dirt immunity’ capability to withstand a variety of contaminants such as grease, dust, particles and scratches. ASMPT technical manager Dr Joseph Choy noted: ‘The positive feedback from our customers has proven that Renishaw’s encoders have excellent dirt immunity and can run reliably with little or no maintenance.’
  • Most bonders from ASMPT are extremely compact in their design and have limited spaces for mounting encoders. Renishaw’s RGH24 and TONiC series encoders are well suited for this application.
  • Choy said: ‘The set-up LED makes our job easier. Imagine how cumbersome it is when you have to tune more than 10 encoders per machine using an external plug-in device. Simple installation means cost reduction and greater efficiency in production which is absolutely essential for maintaining our competitiveness and leading position in the market.
  • He added: ‘Moreover, Renishaw’s TONiC DSi ultra-high accuracy rotary encoder system with dual readheads enables to us to eliminate the errors associated with rotor eccentricity, removing the need for compensation, which again reduces our costs.’
  • Renishaw’s TONiC series encoders feature AGC (automatic gain control), which maintains an analogue signal amplitude of one volt to further enhance the accuracy and stability of the position feedback.
  • Jimmy Siu, ASMPT’s maintenance manager, said: ‘Renishaw calibration and ballbar systems allow us to identify potential errors early to minimise scrap and downtime. It’s truly portable and the ballbar, especially, is much simpler than I imagined. I can operate it after one day of training from a Renishaw engineer.’
  • Mr Lee, a production engineer at ASMPT, explained: ‘We use the Renishaw XL-80 laser calibration system with an RX10 rotary axis calibrator to examine the accuracy of each direct-drive rotary (DDR) motor. The XL-80 complies with international standards and quality assurance. It is calibrated by recognised and traceable systems and methods, giving us confidence in the measured result.’


A world leader in engineering technologies, Renishaw’s core skills in measurement and precision machining serve sectors as diverse as dimensional metrology, spectroscopy, machine calibration, motion control, dentistry and surgical robotics.

A world leader in engineering technologies, Renishaw’s core skills in measurement and precision machining serve sectors as diverse as dimensional metrology, spectroscopy, machine calibration, motion control, dentistry and surgical robotics.

Sensors for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are an industry standard, from basic touch-trigger probes through to automated stylus and probe changers, motorised indexing probe heads, and revolutionary five-axis measurement systems.

Machine probes for CNC machine tools allow automated tool setting, workpiece set-up, in-cycle gauging and part inspection. Products include laser tool setters, contact tool setters, tool breakage detectors, touch probes and high accuracy inspection probes.

For motion control, Renishaw supplies laser encoders, optical linear encoders, optical angle encoders, optical rotary encoders, magnetic rotary encoders, magnetic chip encoders and magnetic linear encoders.

To analyse the static and dynamic performance of position-critical motion systems, Renishaw’s laser interferometer and environmental compensation system offers a linear measurement accuracy of 0.5 ppm, readings of up to 50 kHz and a linear measurement speed of up to 4 m/s, with a linear resolution of 1nm.

Renishaw’s Raman spectroscopy products exploit the Raman effect to identify and characterise the chemistry and structure of materials. A diverse range of analytical applications include pharmaceutical, forensic science, nanotechnology, biomedical and semiconductors.

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