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Cobolt AB and Semrock have jointly developed optical filters optimised for use with the Cobolt Mambo 594nm orange laser in fluorescence instrumentation.

Semrock has announced a number of filters designed specifically for instrumentation based on the 594nm laser and suitable for excitation and detection of Texas Red, Alexa Fluor 594 and the fluorescent proteins Mcherry and Mkate.

A triple-band filter set for three-colour microscopy, LF405/488/594-A consists of an excitation filter, a beamsplitter and an emission filter for simultaneous illumination with 405, 488, and 594nm laser lines.

A complete single-band set (LF594-A) optimised for the orange laser is also available, including a laser-optimised dichroic beamsplitter (Di01-R594) with good edge steepness and precision optical flatness, and the Edgebasic BLP01-594R long-wave-pass filter designed for fluorescence imaging and Raman spectroscopy.

These hard-coated filters from Semrock offer a method of achieving images with laser-based microscopes and other instruments.

Numerous important fluorescent probes, including some recently developed fluorescent proteins, are optimally excited by orange laser wavelengths.

The 594nm Cobolt Mambo laser, available at up to 100mW CW output power, offers a solution for confocal and other laser-based fluorescence imaging systems, flow cytometers and Raman spectrometers.

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