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Semrock has released a 72-page, full-colour 2009 optical filter catalogue.

This catalogue presents technical and product notes, along with three product families and dozens of optical filter products optimised for applications and tools ranging from fluorescence microscopy and instrumentation to Raman spectroscopy and other laser analytical instrumentation.

The 2009 catalogue features many products added to Semrock’s extensive range of ‘no burn-out’ Brightline fluorescence filters, including high-performance microscopy filter sets for the popular mCherry fluorescent protein and ICG.

The LaserMUX dichroic beamsplitters efficiently combine or separate up to six of the most popular lasers used for fluorescence excitation (and other laser-based applications).

Long-wave-pass fluorescence filter sets are specifically designed for laser-based microscopy where the fluorescence signal levels are very low, as well as for applications where the excitation wavelength is well below the emission wavelength.

The 2009 catalogue also highlights the latest additions to Semrock’s Stopline notch filters, featuring ultra-wide passbands combined with simultaneous deep and narrow laser-line blocking.

In a thin-film notch filter made with multiple, discrete layers, these notch filters attenuate the laser wavelength with optical density (OD) >6 while passing light from UV well into near-infrared (1600nm).

They are especially suited to optical systems addressing multiple regions of the optical spectrum (UV, visible, and near-IR), and for systems based on multiple detection modes (fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy).

Expanded services included in the catalogue are Semrock’s rapid custom sizing in under a week, and 30-day return policy.

Most of Semrock standard catalogue products ship the next business day, and all are covered under the company’s five-year warranty.

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