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Semrock has announced the release of a series of bandpass filters that demonstrate the extension of its high-performance optical filter technology to the near-infrared wavelength range.

These hard-coated bandpass filters are keyed to popular laser lines in the 1,500-1,600nm region.

They are suitable as laser source clean-up filters and as detection filters that pass particular laser wavelengths, and virtually eliminate background over the full InGaAs detector range (850-1,750nm).

They are optimised for the most popular ‘retina-safe’ lasers in the 1.5um wavelength range, where maximum permissible eye exposures are much higher than in the visible or at the 1,064nm Nd:YAG laser line.

Applications for these filters include laser radar, remote sensing, range finding and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).

The near-IR bandpass filters are a good match for Er-doped fibre and glass lasers at 1,535nm, Er-doped fibre and InGaAsP semiconductor lasers at 1,550nm, and Nd:YAG-pumped optical parametric oscillators at 1,570nm.

Standard 25mm diameter filters are available immediately from stock, with custom sizes available in less than a week.

All Semrock filters are covered under the company’s five-year warranty.

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