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Sencon has introduced the SC231 version of its double sheet detector.

The SC231 automatically self-calibrates after a set period of inactivity, so there is no need for manual setting at batch changeover or after a line stop.

With a built-in microprocessor, the system needs no external control boxes.

It acts as a self-monitoring fit-and-forget device, eliminating the risk of operator error.

The fully encapsulated electronics have been tested for a high degree of EMC immunity, and the system offers greater flexibility than previous models.

A variety of cabling options is now available.

Looped cabling between the sensor heads is no longer required, and side-mounted connectors make it easier to replace cables.

The detector can be set for a very wide range of material thicknesses: from 0.12 to 0.49mm, or 0.5 to 1.6mm.

A built-in programming port also allows fast software flash updates.

The sensor heads are typically triggered automatically when a sheet passes, but the Look-Now feature can also be set for timed detection of leading edge/trailing edge or mid- sheet detection.

This provides machine protection at the seamer or press infeed.

The flexibility, robustness and factory-friendly features of the SC231 double sheet detector offer peace of mind, enhanced efficiency and long-life reliability.

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