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Sengenuity has brought out the Fluidtrackr Handheld Datalogger for users of Vismart viscosity sensors.

The Fluidtrackr transfers data from the process engineer to quality control personnel and provides real-time process control information at the point of measurement.

It is based on Panasonic’s Toughbook U1 mobile computing product, which combines ruggedness with hot-swappable twin batteries for full-shift productivity.

It is the size of a handheld and has wireless and UL classification options.

It also has a 5.6in widescreen display, multiple data interface capabilities and standard 1024 MB Sdram memory with 16-Gbit solid-state hard-drive.

The Fluidtrackr can be used with any of Sengenuity’s Vismart sensors.

The Vismart viscosity sensor provides instant sample and/or continuous real-time viscosity measurements for applications that require high resolution and accuracy in embedded in-line environments.

The Vismart viscosity sensor is sealed for complete immersion.

It is unaffected by vibration or flow conditions and does not need field calibration.

The Vismart sensor can measure a range of viscosity of fluid and is rated for operation in temperatures up to 125C.

Its threaded bolt package allows quick installation.

The sensor is available with custom options.

The Vismart model series can be connected to any computer or control platform via the standard protocols, Sengenuity’s new Fluidtrackr handheld datalogger and the VisConnect 4-20 mA transmitter to provide a continuous audit trail for process monitoring.

Customers can also use Sengenuity’s starter kit bench-top viscometer data station to acquire multiple channels of continuous viscosity and temperature data.

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