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Senscient enhanced laser diode spectroscopy (ELDS) Series 1000 and 2000 open-path gas detectors have obtained the FM Global certification covering both US and Canadian installations.

Tested by the FM Global Approvals laboratory, the ELDS line-of-sight gas detector receiver/transmitter system has also been analysed by Exida for use in safety instrumented systems requiring Safety Integrity Level (SIL) compliance.

The Senscient factory in Poole, UK, has been audited and approved by FM Global for its quality and manufacturing practices.

;Our customers are assured that ELDS OPGD [open-path gas detector] systems are safe for use in all Class 1, Division 1 and Zone 1 hazardous areas around the world and will perform reliably to the strict FM Global functional performance standards requirements as well as to our own published specifications for improved plant and personnel protection from hazardous gas leaks,’ said Jean Berthold, vice-president of Senscient CMSO.

ELDS gas detection technology provides Senscient customers with a multi-gas OPGD system capable of detecting two or more gases selectively with discreet communications outputs from one line-of-sight gas detection system for up to 60 per cent reduction in capital expenditure.

The Series 2000 ELDS OPGD for the simultaneous detection of methane and hydrogen sulphide for sour gas is the first of a series of multi-gas OPGD products being released for sale, with other combinations to be launched in the future.


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