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FM Approvals has granted ATEX certification to Senscient’s Open Path Gas Detector (OPGD) ELDS 1000 for methane and ELDS 2000 for methane and hydrogen sulphide.

Senscient ELDS open-path gas detectors feature a three-fold better sensitivity for detecting flammable gases and lower ppm-level toxic gases.

They offer facility owners a substantial improvement in site safety and risk management over previous NDIR-based technology systems.

The ELDS 2000 OPGD is the first fixed gas detector able to monitor both methane and hydrogen sulphide in a single unit simultaneously, with discreet output communication.

Senscient’s Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS) solves major problems associated with traditional fixed-gas detectors by eliminating routine re-calibration, sensor replacement, unreliable readings and false alarms, which cost industries millions of dollars a year in lost revenue.

ELDS provides new levels of plant safety and risk reduction in offshore platforms, FPSOs, onshore petrochemical facilities and refineries.

New ELDS units targeting other industries and gas hazards are being introduced throughout 2010.

The ATEX certification ensures Senscient ELDS Series 1000 and 2000 open-path gas detectors can detect the target gas over an entire line of sight coverage of 5 to 40m.

The certification also confirms the systems’ ability to trigger isolated multi-channel analogue or digital output signals to a remote safety PLC.


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