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Sensgard has introduced a hardhat adaptor that allows workers to use Sensgard hearing protection devices.

The adaptor clips to the back of virtually any hardhat and is designed for use with either the Sensgard SG 26 or SG 31 hearing protection model.

The system, combining either model with the hardhat adaptor, weighs less than two ounces (57g), but both components are rugged and durable, even in hot and cold temperature extremes.

The SG26 and the SG31 have noise-reduction ratings of 26 and 31 decibels respectively, making the Sensgard system suitable for use in extreme-noise environments, including construction, manufacturing, energy/utility/nuclear power plants, refineries and mining operations.

The SG 26 and the SG31 incorporate patented ZEM technology, which uses the mechanical energy of sound waves instead of electronics to minimise sound before it reaches the ears.

The devices provide consistent protection without distortion across all frequencies.

The wearer is fully protected from harmful noise but can still discern speech and other important ambient sounds.

They cost significantly less than ear muffs and are much more cost effective in day-to-day use than ear plugs.

Glasses and safety goggles will not compromise the product fit or performance.

The lightweight hearing protection device and the adaptor are claimed to be comfortable to wear, even in hot, humid environments.

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