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Utilising amperometric technology for real-time free chlorine measurement, the FCL Series Free Chlorine Sensor from Sensorex offers low maintenance and long life.

The Sensorex FCL’s precise amperometric sensor measures free chlorine in real time and is available in three different measurement ranges: 0-2, 0-5 and 0-10ppm.

The sensor’s long-life design reduces maintenance cycles, which lowers lifecycle costs with less frequent sensor membrane cap/solution replacement and reduced technician installation time.

After hypochlorous acid (HOCl) diffuses through the FCL sensor’s membrane, it is electrochemically reduced, releasing electrons and creating a current flow proportional to the free chlorine concentration in the medium outside the sensor.

The low current output is then conditioned to a 4-20mA direct output.

The FCL’s sensor operates in a range of 4-11pH, a temperature range of 0-45C (32-113F) and at a maximum pressure of 14.7psig (1 Bar).

The Sensorex FCL sensor is suitable for a range of water applications in municipal potable water treatment, municipal wastewater, industrial plants and commercial facilities.

These applications include municipal intake water, wastewater effluent, swimming pools, amusement parks, food-processing disinfectant stations, aquaculture and commercial property lagoons.

Chlorine is used in these applications as a general biocide, disinfecting water by killing pathogens, algae, bacteria and other microbes that pose a threat to human health and may affect industrial processes.

The chlorination process requires extremely accurate measurement for effectiveness and safety.

The FCL Sensor can be used in new and existing Sensorex FC72 flow cell installations.

It can also be installed as a replacement for other brands of free chlorine 4-20mA output free chlorine (FCL) sensors in flow cells from other manufacturers.

The FM001 Flow Meter is available for installation in conjunction with the FCL Sensor to condition the liquid flow for even higher levels of system stability.

The combination of the flow meter with the FCL sensor results in superior measurement accuracy.

The FCL Series features a 4-20mA isolated output signal that is compatible with both Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

It supports a range of applications, from small standalone, single-point measurement stations to large plant-wide network systems with control rooms that monitor numerous points of measurement.

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