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Sensor-Technik UK has introduced Graf-Syteco’s AT8 interface, which is ideal as an in-vehicle control panel for CANbus systems.

It combines a high-visibility quarter-VGA colour TFT display with programmable function keys.

This offers simple operator control of the controller area network systems typically employed in vehicle systems such as engine or transmission management or in vehicle-mounted machinery such as lifting gear or agricultural equipment.

The unit can be supplied with one or two CANbus interfaces, allowing a single operator interface to be switched between two separate systems, without interrupting the operation of either network.

The AT8 HMI can withstand the rigours of the commercial vehicle environment.

It is available for dashboard mounting or as a fully enclosed unit.

The front panel is sealed to IP65.

The assembly is qualified to IEC standards for shock, vibration and electromagnetic compatibility, including Level II automotive load dump resistance.

The high-visibility TFT liquid crystal display features 320 x 240 pixel resolution with a screen size of 111 x 83.5mm.

This makes it suitable for displaying text and graphics.

With an optional interface the AT8 can display video, for example from a reversing camera.

The AT8 interface contains eight pushbuttons and a single potentiometer, enabling single-handed control.

All the controls feature halo illumination to enable night-time operation.

The functions of all the controls are freely programmable and the complete HMI can be programmed in C or using optional graphical programming software.

The AT8 HMI runs from a power supply range between 10 and 32V DC (covering both 12 and 24V automotive battery voltages), typically consuming just 600mA from a 24V DC supply.

Internal backup batteries may be specified as an optional extra to maintain control of critical systems should the main vehicle supply fail.

Making the move to a bus-based control system is a big step, but it needn’t be a difficult one. Whether you require fully-approved components with a track record, or complete system design, Sensor-Technik has the answer. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.  

CANbus provides the ideal system for integrating electronic controls into vehicles and machinery, particularly because it’s a system which is to ISO standard and which is supported by so many different manufacturers.  

Sensor-Technik is able to offer unique product, design and manufacture facility to build up complete sub-assemblies where necessary, from development of specifications to delivery of the finished product, guaranteed to offer performance and reliability in even the toughest of environments.  

With our in-house design capabilities, the resources of our own machining facilities, decades of applications experience and approvals from the likes of the Ministry of Defence and NATO.  

From pressure sensors to load cells to encoders – and many other electro-mechanical products besides – Sensor-Technik has one of the widest ranges of products available. Further, Sensor-Technik’s sensor products are all available as standard with read-out units that provide clear indication of the parameter being measured

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