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Optical sensor systems from Leuze are being used on an automatic factory transport system at the Conergy modern solar-module factory to provide reliable material flow.

As a result, it is possible to examine various parameters of the production process for each module component at any time, allowing substantive analytics and continuous quality management.

Leuze’s sensors are used to detect the positions of transport boxes and supply various signals for travel or steering functions.

In addition to the high operating ranges and improved performance for reliable object detection, Leuze’s 3B series of optical sensors offer features for simple handling and fast commissioning.

At each decision station, the PRK 3B retro-reflective photoelectric sensors or – if no reflector can be mounted – HRTR 3B diffuse reflection light scanners ensure reliable detection of the wafer boxes.

In addition to position detection on the conveyor belts and space monitoring at the transfer interfaces and turning stations, optical data transceivers from Leuze are also used.

They are used to communicate between the high-bay storage devices of the small-parts stores and the store-management system.

Optical data transmission with infrared laser light to and from the moving high-bay storage devices occurs free of contact and wear.

On some of the process systems, the short conveyor belts at the transfer heads to the vertical conveyors are not fully enclosed, but are instead open on one side and equipped with Solid-2E safety light curtains from Leuze.

The Solid-2E safety light curtain is self-monitoring and offers a range of protective heights and resolutions with its narrow aluminium housing.

Sensor systems from Leuze supply thousands of decision-making signals along the entire length of the line, ensuring the gentle transport of wafers and cells.

Leuze Electronic

Leuze electronic the ‘sensor people’ are committed to being the supplier of choice by providing the best customer service and products.

Leuze electronic the ‘sensor people’ are committed to being the supplier of choice by providing the best customer service and products.

DETECTIONOptical Sensors: An innovative range from economic standard sensors to feature-rich special solutions.

Barcode, 2D and RFID code readers; Smart cameras and Vision systems; Optical data transmission; Optical positioning.

PROTECTION – Machine safety light curtains and barriers; Safety laser scanners; Door and entry interlocks and switches.
Leuze electronic also offer a machine Safety Inspection Service to ensure the correct guarding of machines using any brand of safety light curtains & barriers.

Virtual online catalogues, industry specific brochures, and extensive guidance on machine safety are all available on our website.
Please call and talk to ‘the sensor people’ for technical information, samples and advice.

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