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Confocal displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are being used to accurately measure the diameter of round and oval stainless-steel pipes destined for use as catalytic converters for passenger cars.

Micro-Epsilon’s Opto NCDT IFS 2400-20 confocal sensor is used here because of its high aperture, large stand-off distance and its ability to measure reliably on a variety of different surfaces.

The confocal sensors of the series 2400 are designed for distance and one-sided thickness measurement.

The compact design, large tilt angle and large stand-off distance enable the sensor to be used in many different applications.

Measuring distance on shiny and transparent objects or multi-layers, and for one-sided thickness measurement, this sensor is suitable for precision measurement against any diffuse or specular material such as film, liquids, glass, metals and polymers.

The sensors can also offer high spatial resolution for microscopic surface profiling.

Atex and Ex-approved versions are also available for use in hazardous areas.

In the manufacture of catalytic converters for cars, the diameter, minimum circumscribed circle (the circumscribed circle of a polygon is a circle that passes through all the vertices of the polygon) and maximum inscribed circle must be accurately determined.

The sleeve of the catalyst consists of either a gloss, matt or painted stainless-steel tube, which can be circular or oval in shape.

Measurements must be extremely precise in order to permit later use in a catalytic converter.

Measurement and inspection services company QS-Grimm uses Micro-Epsilon’s Opto NCDT 2400 confocal sensor to measure round tubes.

Once the operator has positioned the component on a measuring table and centred it using a suitable device, the measurements are started with a simple click of the mouse using the evaluation software.

The tube is rotated through 360deg, measured at three positions (beginning, end and middle) and evaluated.

The outer diameter, the minimum circumscribed circle and the maximum inscribed circle of the pipes are directly determined by the evaluation software.

The sensor moves in a horizontal direction, depending on the size of the catalytic converter.

The measuring device is available as a vertical version for measuring at different positions.

As well as determining the diameter, a tactile measurement of the length is also carried out.


With over 45 years experience and more than 15,000 customers worldwide, Micro-Epsilon understands the need for accurate, robust, intelligent sensors and measurement systems.

With over 45 years experience and more than 15,000 customers worldwide, Micro-Epsilon understands the need for accurate, robust, intelligent sensors and measurement systems.

If you are measuring any type of displacement / position, temperature, speed or colour parameters, Micro-Epsilon sensors and systems provide market-leading performance, together with the fastest measuring rates, highest operating temperature ranges and smart interface capabilities. From simple, low cost sensors to high volume, customer-specific OEM solutions, Micro-Epsilon will have athe correct measurement solution for your application.

Using both contact and non-contact measurement techniques, Micro-Epsilon boasts one of the largest ranges of displacement sensors including 1D, 2D & 3D laser optical, confocal chromatic, eddy current, capacitive, inductive, draw-wire and time-of-flight technologies. Measuring ranges are from nanometers to kilometers!

For temperature measurement, there is a comprehensive range of non-contact infrared temperature sensors and thermal imaging cameras capable of measuring up to that include intelligent software packages to support configuration, analysis and management during the application. LED analysers, fibre optic sensors and Colour recognition sensors measure true colour using L*A*B and CIE.

Micro-Epsilon sensors are used throughout almost all industries: from automotive to aerospace, motorsport to metal production, semiconductor to subsea. Whether it’s an R&D, test, inspection, OEM or a process control application, Micro Epsilon measurement engineers can provide the right measurement solution.

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