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The Pyrocouple M series from Calex is a range of miniature infrared temperature sensors with separate electronics.

The sensors are capable of measuring temperatures in the range -20C to 500C and are available with a current, voltage or simulated thermocouple output.

The miniature sensing head measures 18mm diameter by 45mm.

It is made of stainless steel, sealed to IP65, and will operate in high ambient temperatures without extra cooling.

This makes the Pyrocouple M series ideal for applications where there is only a small amount of room available to mount the sensor or the ambient temperature around the sensing head is higher than normal.

The sensing head is held in place by a mounting nut (included).

Fixed and adjustable brackets are offered to simplify mounting and a laser-sighting tool is available to assist in the sighting of the sensor.

For dusty environments, such as those in paper or textile mills, an air-purge collar can be fitted to keep the lens clean.

The cable that connects the sensing head to the electronics module is immune to electromagnetic interference and is not affected by handling or flexing.

The electronics module measures 98 x 64 x 34mm.

It is made of die-cast aluminium, sealed to IP65, and will operate in ambient temperatures up to +70C.

It is powered from a 24VDC (28VDC maximum) power source.

The emissivity setting is fixed at 0.95, making the Pyrocouple M series suitable for applications where the target is made of a non-reflective material such as paper, plastic, rubber, cloth, food, and so on, or it can be used to measure metals that are painted, anodised or oxidised.

There are three optical ranges to choose from.

Model PCM21 has 2:1 optics (the ratio of the target distance to the measurement spot size) making it suitable for most applications where the sensor can be mounted close to the target.

Model PCM151 is designed for small or distant targets and has an optical resolution of 15:1.

Model PCM301 is designed for very small or distant targets and has an optical resolution of 30:1.

Built-in adaptive filtering provides a stable signal without compromising the 250ms response time.

Pyrocouple M sensors are RoHS compliant and conform to EN 61326-1:2006 for EMC.

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