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Sensotech has announced a workshop entitled ‘Online Crystallisation Monitoring with Sonic Velocity’, which will take place on 21 June 2011 at the company’s headquarters.

The free workshop is aimed at chemists, pharmacists and process engineers, and aims to investigate innovative inline measuring methods to monitor and control crystallisations.

In this context, the sonic velocity measurement that enables to determine the degree of saturation, supersaturation and the crystal content will be considered.

The metastable range can also be detected so that the crystallisation process can be controlled in an optimal way and the growth of crystals can be specifically influenced as well.

Practical measurements performed in the laboratory during the workshop show the participants the process technology and reveal the reliability and efficiency of sonic velocity devices.

Prof J Ulrich of the Institute for Thermal Process Technology at University Halle-Wittenberg will explain a few practical examples.

Sensotech is also arranging a Europe-wide workshop for 18 October 2011.


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