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John Crane has brought out the Type 83 and Type 93FR separation seals for turbomachinery applications.

The seals prevent: oil penetrating from a compressor bearing into an outboard gas seal; and the ingress of process gas from the outboard stage of the gas seal into the bearing cavity.

The Type 83 uses a contacting carbon bushing to isolate the bearing oil from the dry gas seal cartridge.

The seal is reliable and minimises wear.

The Type 83 operates when ultra-dry nitrogen, irrespective of dew-point, is used as the separation gas and injected between the two segmented bushings to create a pressure barrier between the bearing and the dry gas seal cavity.

The Type 83 has a universal design, which accommodates either direction of shaft rotation.

It also incorporates a carbon bushing segment design with self-adjusting hydropads.

The Type 93FR is based on non-contacting operation and prevents bearing oil ingress into dry gas seals.

It has a floating ring design that incorporates a robust, non-contacting carbon bushing, which prevents oil migration.

Its design features help minimise wear and heat generation under normal running conditions.

This promotes long service life and enhanced reliability.

The Type 93FR runs at a low pressure differential, which helps reduce gas consumption, while its self-centring mechanism minimises wear, even during upset conditions.

A universal design allows it to accommodate either direction of shaft rotation.

The seal can be retrofitted to many traditional separation seal applications.

John Crane can provide fully compatible pressure-regulated control systems for the Type 83 and Type 93FR seals.

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