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Copa-Data has upgraded v6.22 of its HMI/Scada Zenon software by releasing a new service pack.

Intelligent keyboards provide a better overview of the HMI touch-screen panels.

The number of communication protocols has also been increased, and the integrated soft PLC – Straton – now enables projects to be created automatically with VBA.

Zenon makes touch-screen panels into efficient operational devices with multiple soft keyboards.

In v6.22SP1, Copa-Data has further developed the variety of its virtual keyboards, which can be used individually.

Zenon users can customise keyboards in line with their requirements.

A keyboard for binary input, for instance, needs no more than two keys.

Touch-screen panel users of the Zenon v6.22 SP1 now benefit from keyboards that are positioned immediately adjacent to the element they are associated with, always ensuring that the operator can see all of the relevant data rather than having to look for data that is hidden behind the keyboard.

The keyboards automatically appear in the visible part of the screen and are closed automatically once they are no longer required.

This makes intensive work on the HMI easier – providing a better overview, it also means that operator errors can be better avoided.

Control of complex production processes also benefits from SP1 when the upgraded Zenon Recipe Group Manager is used.

New filtering options make working with recipes on the terminal even clearer and more secure.

A filter setting can be specified for any variable so that only particular values are shown in the recipes table.

Each recipe-group variable can be locked in order to disable specific cells from being edited at runtime, a visibility variable is also provided to define which variables can be displayed and when.

The project planner can therefore set up a recipe group in such a way that the operator can neither see nor alter specific parameters, and that control takes place automatically through the system.

Zenon’s communication protocol support has also increased with the service pack.

An example is the driver for Allen Bradley Logix, which now controls aliases and local program variables.

There are many new protocols on top of the already wide selection of more than 300 that can be used for addressing PLCs from many different manufacturers.

When it comes to direct communication, Straton is on hand in its role as a soft PLC and I/O controller.

In v6.22SP1 Straton can also act as an 850/870 server, co-ordinating status information and timestamps with Zenon.

Projects can be created automatically with VBA.

The Zenon industrial performance analyser (IPA) consistently helps with all kinds of analyses to check and continuously improve the performance of a plant.

With this service pack it can now automatically print reports or export them in HTML format, taking into account the filter settings.

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