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SKF has improved its energy and sustainability service, which identifies areas to save energy and improve environmental performance in the petrochemical, mining, metals and paper industries.

The new Client Needs Analysis – Energy and Sustainability (CNA-ES) is a process specifically designed to identify areas to save energy and improve environmental performance.

Selected SKF products and solutions can then be proposed to achieve the improvements, based on documented cases of success by other companies in similar operating environments.

In addition to reduced energy usage, the SKF CNA-ES will also point towards benefits in overall operational effectiveness.

This will result in reduced maintenance costs, improved health and safety performance, reduced environmental impact and more confidence in compliance with applicable regulations.

The SKF CNA-ES combines a web-based tool with a consultative process to define the situation at the customer’s plant as well as pointing in the direction of what to do next.

A team from SKF joins a range of representatives from the customer site, including operations, maintenance, engineering and environmental staff, to discuss key areas within the company’s operations.

Further analysis of the data results in an overview of the company from a point of view that, typically, companies have never put together before.

SKF states that in most cases there is a positive surprise regarding what can be achieved.

The results from the SKF CNA-ES process provide a quantitative benchmark of ‘opportunity for improvement’ that a facility can use to gauge their own progress over time.

Benchmarking tools in the CNA-ES allow companies to compare against other (unnamed) companies in their segment, including best-in-class, which SKF has worked with.

Benchmarking is especially valuable to companies with multiple facilities because they can also compare progress within their own organisations.

By helping customers understand where there are opportunities to save energy and how to take action, SKF can successfully help them improve their bottom line.

According to SKF, pump, fan and compressed-air systems account for more than half of the energy consumed by energy-intensive industries.

These are the kinds of assets and systems that SKF technology and services have helped to optimise from a performance viewpoint.

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