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Universal Balancing has announced the launch of a range of servo-controlled automated balancing machines along with many low-cost options.

Servo control means that setup and data for each job can be accessed and change-over of parts achieved at the touch of a button, allowing shorter production runs of different components to be carried out on a single machine.

In this way, the equipment is used to full capacity, saving time and eliminating potential operator error.

Change-over time on Universal Balancing’s KISS-234 automatic propshaft balancer, for example, can take as little as 5-10min.

This is reduced to around 15s on semi-automatic vertical models.

For production lines requiring less frequent change-over, Universal Balancing offers a low-cost range of non-servo semi-automatic vertical and horizontal balancing machines available with drilling, milling or welding units for automated on-machine correction.

Its entry-level Eco-SA Vert automated balancer with automated drilling can provide further cost savings.

These versatile machines offer high throughput with guaranteed quality.

Universal Balancing’s upgrade and refurbishment service provides a simple and effective way to reduce capital costs while maintaining productivity levels.

Any manufacturer’s balancer, such as Schenck, CEMB, Hofmann, and BTI, can be upgraded to high standards, resulting in greater accuracy and speed – at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Businesses requiring balancing for the first time or those choosing to outsource this specialism can utilise Universal Balancing’s contract option.

Rather than making considerable investment in equipment and possibly labour at the outset, this fast-turnaround service will cater for low to medium volume balancing requirements.

This is a cost-effective solution for those with one-off prototype/low-volume work – or those who simply prefer the advantages of sub-contracting.

A further option, if volumes are low to medium but labour is available, is Universal Balancing’s range of manual balancers that offer the same level of technology and user-friendliness as the automated versions.

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