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Servo-Robot has introduced the latest Auto-Trac/PWP laser-vision seam-tracking system, designed to improve weld productivity, quality and uptime.

Auto-Trac/PWP can be installed onto new equipment or retrofitted to existing welders that are manually operated or utilise a mechanical probe for guidance.

The system features a digital high-speed laser camera head with a large field of view and high resolution, which allows the system to handle products ranging from thin sheet metal to 50mm-thick steel.

Weld joint validation validates that the joint fit-up meets the weld procedure requirement before welding is allowed to start, reducing rework and scrap.

Real-time adaptation to part compensates within process capability for joint variability, including excessive gap, to make an acceptable weld.

Real-time weld inspection allows the user to inspect in real time with a camera located behind the welding torch or by using a second pass scan.

If the joint is outside of the camera’s field of view, the system automatically searches until the weld joint is found.

The controller can run two cameras allowing the user to simultaneously track the joint and inspect the weld to ensure optimised welding takes place.

As well as its main task of seam tracking, the ability to monitor the overall welding process provides useful data to facilitate Six Sigma continuous improvement efforts.

Useful information includes part fit-up variability, system uptime and productivity metrics.

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